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Fine Art Tree Paintings



Ritratto del pittore come on albero antico
Portrait of the Artist as an Old Tree

I consider myself a survivor, so I painted it that way. Around me are some of those that didn’t survive, and the background is where I am going next. 
32" x 60"

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Tree by E. Thor Carlson



The Road Not Taken

This is a painting owned by Tom Kelley of Newport. The title was taken from the Robert Frost poem. I started this as a landscape with just a path going down but, as I worked on it, I decided to put a brook across the walker's path in the foreground, and then to enlarge the background so that you had a much further view, way back to the mountains. It also is done in the staccato pointillism style but there is a little more drawing in this than there is in some of the others.

The Road Not Taken - Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



Autumn Glory

This is not a painting of any real place; it is completely manufactured. I love painting trees and I don't always have to see the tree in order to paint it. This is pointillism, where the paint is applied in small areas, all over the place, and it is a more developed pointillism than the first painting we looked at. I have even taken it further than this in some of my later work. It is, I think, an influence from my weaving, in that I apply the color in almost the same way as I weave different threads together.

Autumn Glory - Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



Bhudda by the Connecticut

This painting was started in Massachusetts and finished in New Hampshire. I had just the foreground and the two large trees just in underpainting; there was no color at all. Then, when I got to New Hampshire, I got back to it. The painting was very dark at first and I added more and more light to it. I actually included the Connecticut River, which became a theme in a lot of my paintings because, at the time, I was living in North Charlestown, right near the river.

Eventually, I decided I would add a seated figure and the title became "Buddha by the Connecticut".

Bhudda by the Connecticut by E. Thor Carlson



Five Island Pines, Boothbay, Maine

Oil on canvas

Five Island Pines, Boothbay, Maine  Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



Lagoon Near the Old Toll Bridge on the Connecticut River

This painting was done on-site and it is a view of a lagoon that is near the old toll bridge between Charlestown and Vermont. It was the fall of the year and the trees were beginning to change. Nothing in this scene exists anymore. A couple of winters later the ice took out all the trees along the edge of the river so this is sort of a time capsule of the period I painted it in. This is something that happens quite often when you record the location, time, and all; when you come back to look at it again, four or five years later, it is a completely different natural scene.

Lagoon Near the Old Toll Bridge on the Connecticut River - Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



The Twins

This painting is from a place that I had been but it is a memory painting. I have purposely tried to keep it very soft, as though there was mist rising. I put the brush stokes in and then I brushed them with what is called a blender, which softens the image. It is peculiar to the oil painting technique. I can’t do this with acrylic - at least I haven’t learned how to do it yet.

Two Pines - Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



View from my Westminster Studio

This is a view from my Massachusetts studio. I faced Meetinghouse Pond and, just behind, you can barely make out Mount Wachusett. This was done at the time of year when the goldenrod was blooming and the asters and the yucca plant had completed their bloom. We lived there for seven or eight years and it was blessedly quiet. Now Mount Wachusett is covered with lights and ski lanes and traffic galore, and I am glad I don't live there anymore.

View from my Westminster Studio - Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



Yggdrasil the World Tree

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil ('The Terrible One's Horse'), is a giant tree that links and shelters all the worlds.

This painting was done in 1970 and was influenced by the works of Carl Jung. I had read his autobiography and then I had read a number of his collected works in which he paid great attention to dreams and myths. In this case, I went back to my Scandinavian roots and it is a tree called Ygddrasil. It is a World Tree and at the top lived the Gods, in the middle lived the humans, and at the bottom lived the little people who tend to the welfare of cows and that sort of thing. Under them, in the roots, are the bad people, called the Frost Giants and they very often are frozen.

There is no attempt here at realism - this is surrealism, in which two or three things are happening at the same time. It is an attempt to get the feeling of movement. It is also very tapestry-like. It was a year before I started weaving tapestry when this was painted, and there was a great influence back-and-forth, after this, between my tapestry weaving and my painting. It is a very muted palette and it is done entirely with large brushes.

Yggdrasil the World Tree - Fine Art Tree Painting by E. Thor Carlson



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