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Biblical Fine Art
Old and New Testament


I have done a lot of paintings from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. I find their ancient stories and myths to be very interesting themes from which to develop designs and, of course, there is a long tradition of religious painting.


Jeweled Cross

Jeweled Cross by E. Thor Carlson


The Creation

Projected Mural Secco Fresco Rerados with Scale Figure

Projected Mural Secco Fresco Rerados by E. Thor Carlson



Creation of Adam                       Creation of Eve

Creation of Adam - Painting by E. Thor Carlson   Creation of Eve - Painting by E. Thor Carlson


Early Morning in the Garden


Early Morning in the Garden by E. Thor Carlson



Here are a pair that were made for the lobby of the theatre that showed the film "The Bible" and the reviewer said that my lobby paintings were better than the film. Whatever that means.


Birth of Eve

This painting of the birth of Eve was one of a series of paintings that I did for a new movie theater in Worcester, Massachusetts. Their opening film was to be 'The Bible' so all of the things that I did for that exhibit were taken from the Bible. Here we have Adam asleep and Eve rising, with God in the background, but there is also a larger image of God with the idea that this is in His mind, in His thoughts. The colors are very thinly applied. Because I had been trained in fresco and secco-fresco for mural painting, I treated this like a mural. The scale is very large - 5 feet high by 4 feet wide.

Birth of Eve by E. Thor Carlson



Expulsion from the Garden

Expulsion from the Garden by E. Thor Carlson




Madonna by E. Thor Carlson



Preaching Prophet

Preaching Prophet by E. Thor Carlson



The Virgin

The Virgin by E. Thor Carlson



The Prophet

The Prophet by E. Thor Carlson



Crucifixion - Ancient Format

I used a very old format for this crucifixion. This is a very traditional style that was developed in the middle ages and was used by the early Italian painters but then abandoned in the renaissance.

I wanted to present this in a spiritual way rather than a factual way. I tried to have the movement of the spirit leaving the body, moving upward. I also chose to put the banner at the top in Latin because I am sure that that was the language it was written in. It says, of course, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

It is done in oil and it is done in a technique that includes a great deal of glazing. Glazing is an oily application of paint that can be pushed and pulled around, and creates very interesting and very often translucent effects. In the blue of the background I have also included stars, as though this is happening in space. The outer edges are guilded but they need re-guilding at this point.
6' x 4'

Crucifixion - Ancient Format by E. Thor Carlson




This is another crucifixion that I did the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. I have the image as a poster now, I no longer own the original. I don't know if I want to call it a critique of the human condition but it certainly is not a joyous subject to begin with.
23" x 35"
Poster prints for sale

The Crucifixion by E. Thor Carlson




This painting was done in 1964. In this painting I have tried to combine both the crucifixion and the resurrection with the idea that, with the death of the body, the spirit rises. There is also an indication of Saint Veronica's napkin. You will remember that she stopped to dry his brow as he was carrying the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, and it is a standard item in most renaissance paintings. I have done several crucifixions and, in at least two of them, I have included the napkin.

Resurrection by E. Thor Carlson






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