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Fine Art Murals


My first exposure to fine art murals was in the 40s when I visited Boston and saw Sargent's work at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Legend of Galahad and King Arthur in the Public Library. Also the murals in the Worcester Memorial Auditorium in Worcester while in grade school.

I then became aware of Michelangelo and Leonardo and their murals and paintings through the large Phaiden books which I read at our public library in Gardner.

While at Yale's School of Fine Arts I studied with three instructors who were actively creating murals. Rudy Zalinger, Sante Graziani and Eugene Savage.

I learned some of the techniques and process of mural painting from them. Later, when in New York City, Sante Graziani was my mentor and advised me on the technique of secco-fresco using casein mediums that I was able to make myself.

Later I added Oil Paint mural techniques and most recently Acrylic mediums adapting them for use in murals. The egg-tempera methods adapt well to acrylic.


Gifts of the Magi Triptych

36" by 96" oil on panel. From the collection of the artist.
From drawings to finished panels: 1983 - 1993.

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Gifts of the Magi - Fine Art Mural by E. Thor Carlson


Gardner High Murals

These no longer exist. They were taken down to do some painting in the auditorium and they were stored in a room where there was a leaky pipe and they were for the most part destroyed.
4' by 8' oil on canvas.
Done at age 17.

Gardner High Fine Art Murals by E. Thor Carlson


Thelma LeBeau Memorial Quilt

Artist designed memorial quilt on Forbush Library wall.
Executed by others.

memorial quilt for Thelma LeBeau


Sigurds Saga Mural

From first to final in situ.
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest V. Johnson.
Portable fine art mural done on 20 by 20 inch panels of Ampersand's Clayboard and affixed to the wall with tiny screws. The Johnsons thought that if they ever decided to sell their house they didn't want to leave it.


Sigurds Saga Fine Art Mural by E. Thor Carlson



Italian Musicians

Folding mural. NYC (whereabouts unknown).

Italian Musicians Fine Art Mural by E. Thor Carlson


Red Trees

Folding mural. NYC (whereabouts unknown).

Trees Fine Art Mural


Red Baroque Solid Panels

Folding mural. NYC.

Red Baroque Solid Panels by E. Thor Carlson


Blue Diamonds

Folding mural. NYC.
Collection of heirs of Warren Arnette, Orlando, Florida.

Blue Diamonds Fine Art Mural


Trophy Panel

Folding mural. NYC (whereabouts unknown).

Trophy Panel by E. Thor Carlson


Waldorf Astoria Mural

Fine Art mural for the Executive Suite painted on curved wall.
Casein on canvas.


Waldorf Astoria Mural by E. Thor Carlson


Angel of Thanksgiving and Light

Guam All Faith Chapel
Oil on panel.
USN SeaBee Batt 103.
Whereabouts unknown.

Angel of Thanksgiving and Light


Sun and Moon

Lunenburg High School, Lunenburg, MA.
4' x 8' each.
Oil on canvas.

Sun and Moon left side fine art mural by E. Thor Carlson
 Sun and Moon right side fine art mural by E. Thor Carlson



Trompe L'oeil
A French term literally meaning "trick the eye."


Trompe L'oiel in Artist's Studio


Trompe L'oiel in Artist's Studio by E. Thor Carlson


Mrs. Erbe's Dining Room Wall

Mural in progress. NYC. Newsprint shows draperies to come.

Mrs. Erbe's dining room wall fine art mural by E. Thor Carlson


Mrs. Erbe's Bar Closet

This lead to 2 commissions for trompe l'oeil paintings for long hallways with blank end walls.

I was years ahead of my time. Now it's all the rage to fool the eye, on walls, sidewalks, where ever.

Mrs. Erbe's Bar Closet by E. Thor Carlson


Mr. Rand's Trompe L'oeil Panel


Mr. Rand's trompe l'oeil panel by E. Thor Carlson   Mr. Rand's trompe l'oeil panel close-up



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